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In the beginning of 2015, terrorists killed twelve people in the editors' office of the French magazine "Charlie Hebdo". Europe was shocked. And not just Europe. The world leaders condemned terrorism and expressed solidarity. There were processions against terrorism in almost all European capitals. Millions wrote "Je suis Charlie" in the social networks. New terrorist attacks followed in Paris, Brussels, Nice... and in each of them there were thousands killed. So the angry reaction of Europe and the determination for an uncompromising battle with evil grew with every European killed.

At the same time Donbass is at war. As a result, since the beginning of the conflict in 2014 until the middle of November 2016 4245 people died, 591 women and 73 children, all from the Ukrainian breakaway region. But according to the well known saying - "this is not a tragedy, but statistics". Ukraine is not " The Hearth of Europe" and maybe we, the Eastern Europeans are not so much Europeans. Europe is not shocked, nor showing solidarity. The barbaric murders and destruction are not of interest to the media nor the world leaders. Most Europeans have no idea what is happening somewhere outside the boundaries of the Union. And they don't go out on processions and they don't post flags on their social media pictures.

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