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Official positions

Artem Bidenko
Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine


Eduard Basurin
Deputy Defence Minister and defence spokesman of DPR

Maya Pirogova
Department on state information policy director - DPR




Vladislav Breeg
Member of the People's Council of the DPR



International organizations

Alexander Hug
Principal Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine

Miladin Bogetic
International Committee of the Red Cross




Ukrainian politicians

Leonid Kozhara
President of the Socialists of Ukraine Party





Ukrainian NGOs

Vasily Stoyakin
Director of the Center of Political Marketing

Nadia Volkova
Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

Alexey Bida
Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

Union of Mothers "Protection"


Union of Mothers "Protection"





Ukrainian journalists and intellectuals, press conferences

Denis Zharkikh
Writer, political scientist. Kiev.

Ruslan Kotsaba
Journalist - Kiev

Press conference
Freedom of speech.
R.Kotsaba, D.Zharkikh, L.Kozhara.



Residents of Donetsk

Victor Burduk
Chairman of Donbass Blacksmiths Guild

Vitaly Frolkov
Department Head at City Hospital

Mikhail Kononenko
Editor of a city newspaper

Vitaly Solntsev
A pensioner living in the airport area


Yuriy Maksimov
Teacher of Mathematics in High School

Rustam Abdullaev
Humanitarian Aid Volunteer